reading for 12/1/15

our friends at baedan have kindly allowed us access to this pdf, for this one week’s reading.


say thanks, everyone! :)

reading for 11/24

reading from baedan 2

against the gendered nightmare


if people are into it, then we might read something from baedan 3 for the following week.

reading for 11.10

through chapter 1 of anti-oedipus (link is in last week’s post).

reading for 11.3.15

we’re starting one of our most ambitious readings ever, namely the influential anti-oedipus, by deleuze and guattari.

full text is here.

we will start with the introduction and first chapter (so linear!), so through page 8 (the chapters are short).

and we hope to have a few of the interesting people who have been intrigued and influenced by this text come and talk to us about it, over the course of reading the book. so, stay tuned.

reading for 10/27

our reading for this week is the preface by foucault to anti-oedipus (a book that has been very influential to some awesome people).

here is the reading.

here is the full book (just in case you’re interested).

reading for 10/13

this week, in preparation for next week’s visit by crimethinc, we are reading to change everything, which is available in hard copy at the long haul, and in eversion here and in video form (?!) here.

reading for 9/29

on the wandering of humanity,

more camatte!

reading for tomorrow

more camatte!


against domestication

reading for 9/15

ok – we’re going with Camatte (providing silly people the opportunity to intentionally mispronounce the french, apparently).


while the most obvious articles for modern anarchists are the wandering of humanity and against domestication–both available at– in the interest of the conversations about celebrity and art in our last meeting, i’m suggesting

beaubourg: future cancer as the reading for this week.

reading for 9/8

this week we’re reading ten theses on the proliferation of egocrats, and finding things we disagree with fredy about! frequently a challenging game in the case of perlman, but maybe not in this case? see if you can find one per theses!

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