Reading for 4/28

This site has been up and down as of late, so we’re moving toward using our backup page at instead. The reading for tonight is posted there. A reminder that you can now participate in our conversations remotely using Jitsi Meet (either or on your app store) — the room name is “bastardanarchy” and we will get started at 7pm or shortly thereafter each Tuesday, as usual. Join us if you like!

Reading for 4/14

I am unequivocally the worst when it comes to posting readings before the weekend. However, it shouldn’t matter as much this week as tuesday we’ll talk about Emil Cioran’s morose misanthropy as displayed in his book Anathemas and Admirations

It’s an aphoristic work, so instead of all reading the same chunk, let’s each dive into the text randomly and read as much as we’re able and interested in, so that we might share different parts with each other on tuesday.

Reading for 4/7

For the next month or so, we’re not going to be meeting at the Long Haul bc of the pandemic. Instead, we’ll be meeting irl at a few different locations—not all of which we’re interested in posting publicly. If you’re thinking about attending the study group for the first time, or a returning participant that’s not a part of our fb chat group, email and I’ll let you know where we end up deciding to meet each week. For anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable gathering irl at the moment, we’ll be using the app Jitsi to allow you to take part remotely. The room name is


Tomorrow’s reading is a short one: John Gray’s recent piece “Why this crisis is a turning point in history” (LINK UPDATED!) join him in indulging in a little historical prognostication.