for 1/4/2011

potluck! bring food, eat food, come early (7pm). vegan, straightedge, nut and gluten free if possible. chat with people, get to know folks, start working on a reputation (or a better one!)… it all (can) start here!

the reading is from a book by david halperin about foucault, and it’s in two sections.
(find the “rotate view clockwise” button for this pdf)

reading for 12/28

the reading for this week is an old one attributed to institute for experimental freedom (and that seems to be unavailable online).
it’s called “the long forgotten fairytale”.
if someone finds it online, please post link here.
the next week we think we’ll be talking “making room for difference” from, and probably linking to some decisions that the long haul is thinking about re: how to address visions and disconnects for the goals of the space (at least as a concrete example of how anarchists deal with difference).

December 14th – Raspberry Reich

We look forward to a showing and discussion around the movie Raspberry Reich. See you at 8 pm.

From Wikipedia

The Raspberry Reich is a 2004 film by director Bruce LaBruce which explores what LaBruce calls “terrorist chic”, cult dynamics and the power of homosexual expression. It is about a contemporary terrorist group who set out to continue the work of the Red Army Faction (RAF), also known as the Baader-Meinhof Gang. The group consists of several young men, and a female leader named Gudrun (after Gudrun Ensslin). All of the characters are named after original members of the Baader-Meinhof Gang or revolutionaries such as Che Guevara.

They call themselves the “Sixth Generation of the Baader-Meinhof Gang” and “The Raspberry Reich”. “Reich” is a reference to communist sexologist Wilhelm Reich. In addition, the term “Raspberry Reich” was coined by RAF leader Gudrun Ensslin to refer to the oppression of consumer society. An “uncut” version of the film has been released, titled The Revolution Is My Boyfriend, edited by the gay pornographic film company Cazzo Film including erotic scenes edited out in the original version.


POTLUCK! woo hoo!!

we forgot to announce it last meeting, so if you see anyone who cares, remind them. potluck is at 7 pm – as vegan, straightedge, gluten- and nut-free as you can make it.

reading is chapter 15 (“City-state and Anarchy”) of bob black’s online book Nightmares of Reason, which you can find here.