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reading for 8.26

two chapters from revolt and crisis in greece
full pdf is here
revolt and crisis in greece.pdf

chapters to read are 2 (urban planning and revolt); and 3 (the polis-jungle)

1. the main question here is–how does this translate to the u.s., specifically to the areas we know and live in?
the cities we are in are certainly structured differently, and of course our cultural expectations and assumptions are also different.
2. is it possible for us to recreate our environs (in the ways that specifically chapter 3 talks about)? what would that take? where would it be most likely to last/succeed? or is this something that we should even be trying for?
3. critical mass makes a brief and surprising appearance in their analysis… what about *that*?!

8/19: Potluck (special edition!) & BASTARD Chronicals 2.0












We will start at 7pm this week for a special appearance and report back from an old BASTARD regular and friend who has been traveling in Spain and is back to visit. Bring food!!

We will be reading the remainder of the BASTARD Chronicles – so read everything EXCEPT Xander and Tom Nomad’s essays.


8/12: BASTARD Chronicals

We are reading:

Insurrectionary Angelology – or – Walter Benjamin Declares Social War by Lew, page 35


Power, Foucault, Dugger, and Social War, by Xander, page 55


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