june 1st

this is the first tuesday of the month, so potluck at 7pm (mostly vegan, preferably nut-free, and we have one person with a no-gluten or fermented foods diet too).
the potlucks are an opportunity to chat and check in, talk about personal stuff and get to know each other in a way that is different from when we’re talking anarchy.
come and eat even if you can’t bring food.

we will start reading excerpts from Intro to Civil War. if you have the book (vs the excerpts in the IEF pamphlet) then bring it tonight. the excerpts are slim pickings…
also, i somehow missed printing the final page. there’s not a whole lot of info on the last page, so i’ll bring it and we can read it on the day of. (people can also go to the ief pamphlet here and read it there, of course.)

future readings

may 25, we’ll be reading the chapter cindy brought in from Anarchism and the City
http://www.amazon.com/Anarchism-City-Revolution-Counter-Revolution-Barcelona/dp/1849350124 .
the chapter is called “mapping the working class city” and she takes no responsibility for how good or bad it is.
then for two weeks we’ll be reading “introduction to civil war” by tiqqun (imposed pdf here http://tarnac9.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/introcivilwar1.pdf)
and then
we are going to start on june 15 reading letters of insurgents as part of the insurgent summer (insurgentsummer.org) project, and we’ll see how working on other people’s schedule works for us. (a lot of reading per week, for some dense text.)

reading for 5.18

“the road to nihilism” brought in by arielle, written by fumiko kaneko (1903-1926), a japanese anarchist and nihilist arrested for conspiring against the emperor.

the road to nihilism

future readings being considered are (not in any order at all)

a) the civil war, by tikkun
b) the revolution of everyday life
c) a chapter from Anarchism and the City (on barcelona from 1898-1937)
d) letters of insurgents (at least some of it, to be part of the insurgent summer project)

may 3rd – potluck!

the first tuesday of every month we have a potluck at 7pm.

at 8 we’ll be discussing an article by gary shapiro, “Assassins and Crusaders: Nietzsche After 9/11” from the book, Nietzsche at the Margins (which is about aspects of nietzsche’s writings that people pay less or no attention to).
there are more copies at the long haul.

we’re working on more consistent updating and comment responding on this site, so…