Reading for 1/21/20

Because I Wanted To by Kaneko Fumiko.

Kaneko Fumiko was a Japanese nihilist anarchist who died by suicide in prison in the early 1920’s.  This is a newly translated section of her interrogation by police shortly before her death.

Reading for 1/14

For 1/14, we are reading Mark Fisher’s Exiting The Vampire Castle. You can find it here:

Reading for 12/10

Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday and made this year’s BASTARD Conference such a success. Some of the best conversations I’ve seen go down at an event like this, and all the presentations were top-notch (as well as bizarrely attuned to each other). Hoping to do another one in four short months to coincide with the book fair, so we should probably start putting that together come the new decade…

So I actually have an excuse for being negligent in my posting duties this week, but since we’re late and have to go over this weekend’s proceedings tomorrow, let’s just do this exceedingly short David Foster Wallace story to give us something to talk about if we need it. It should only take a few minutes to get through and it comes suggested by one of our friends from out of town, so dig it.

I’ll be gone for a few weeks after tomorrow, so have pleasant conclusions to your Gregorian calendars and remember to “remain impossible as long as the possible is possible.”

Reading for 12/3

Sorry for the very late post this week. Tomorrow we’re discussing Alejandro’s piece “Two Styles of Anti-Statist Subjectivity”, which is short but worthwhile. Don’t forget we start at 7pm now!

And also remember that this Saturday, December 7th is the 2019 BASTARD Conference, to be held from 3-9pm at The Long Haul, 3124 Shattuck Ave in Berkeley. Presenting this year are Wolfi Landstreicher (Apio Ludd), Jason McQuinn, and a bunch of other members and friends of the Study Group. If you have more questions visit or email


Reading for 11/26

Next week, more from The Work of Fire by Blanchot. we’ll discuss “The Sleep of Rimbaud” and “From Lautreamont to Miller”. remember study group is from 7-9pm now, and this week we’re meeting an hour early to paint some banners for BASTARD, so get there at 6pm if you can!

Reading for 11/19

This week we’re doing Maurice Blanchot’s “Literature and the Right to Death”, found on p.312 of THIS TEXT.

Remember that we’re starting an hour early from now on, 7-9pm every Tuesday!

Reading for 10/15

Another chapter from Mutants & Mystics this week; namely the opening chapter – Origins. Check it out and join us tomorrow to discuss!

Reading for 10/8

Late posts are the new on-time posts around these parts! This week, instead of an entire chapter from the book Mutants & Mystics, we’re just doing the second half focusing on the gnosis of (Berkeley’s own) Philip K. Dick, starting on pg. 289. Go ahead and read the first half too if yer feelin frisky!

Reading for 10/1

Late posts every week these days — curse us! The section from this book The Morning of the Magicians that we talked about reading (on Arthur Machen and the Golden Dawn) was missing from the only pdf I could find, along with about 1/3 of the book. So instead here’s a short reading on Charles Fort.

Begins on p.140 under “THE VANISHED CIVILIZATIONS”, let’s just go to the end of that first section. Enjoy and see you soon…

Reading for 9/24

Experiment/potlatch week! Alongside an item of food or drink, bring a piece of writing or art you’re working on, or a question/idea that you’d like to discuss with everyone, and we’ll imbibe while conversing. This open-ended approach to content is just for this week, next time we’ll return to a specific reading, likely continuing our occult/esoteric theme as per request. See you soon!

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