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December 25th is not a holy day!

The main reading for the night is…

The Laugh of the Medusa

Which is a critical review of this article.

Literary Paternity

Look forward to seeing you there!

happenings for 12/18/12

this week the reading group is taking a field trip to city lights in san francisco, to hear karen avrich (paul avrich’s daughter) speak on his posthumous book on alexander berkman and emma goldman.
the event starts at 7, people are meeting at the long haul at 6 for those who need, and those who can provide, rides to meet up with each other.

Reading for Dec. 11th

We will be continuing the discussion of Michel Foucault and On the Genealogy of Ethics from last week (see previous post for download). We will also be discussing the introduction to Nietzsche’s On the Genealogy of Morality. For those wonky enough to care, this is from the hackett press translation. The full book is on zinelibrary if you want to keep reading Nietzsche. And you should!

Reading for Dec. 4th (POTLUCK!!!)

Come at 7 to revel and bring tasty treats to share with friends for it is the week of potluck!
At 8 we will be discussing an interview with Michel Foucault titled On the Genealogy of Ethics.

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