reading for 7/21

the third week of lew’s stream of consciousness presentation style, involving myth, religion, millenarianism, cross-cultural anecdotes, etc.

the reading for this time (hard copy is available at the long haul in the study group mail box: ask a staffer if you don’t know where that is) is the preface from The Secret Life of Puppets, by Victoria Nelson. (link is to a review of the book, not the preface. be not confused!)

reading for 5/5

potluck! (7-8pm)

we’re going back to an oldie this week – wolfi landstreicher’s From Politics to Life.

based to some extent on our conversation last week about morality and universal principles.

the preferred article was a column by wolfi in anarchy magazine, discussing the non existence of society, but that one is not online. 🙁 perhaps one of us will bring it and we can read it in the group.

Reading for March 31st 2015

This evening we are reading an unpublished article by Uri Gordon that was presented at the 2015 NAASN conference. One of the study group was so excited by the piece that they stomped and cried until we begged Uri for the text. He dutifully responded.


We will be reading “Prefigurative Politics and Anarchism” by Uri Gordon which will be available in hard copy on Tuesday.



reading for 3/24

this week we have a 2002 interview by PLW of Michael Taussig, who wrote Mimesis and Alterity, and The Devil and Commodity Fetishism, among other titles.



from wikipedia: The Devil and Commodity Fetishism in South America is both a polemic about anthropology and an analysis of a set of seemingly magical beliefs held by rural and urban workers in Colombia and Bolivia. His polemic is that the principal concern of anthropology should be to critique Western (specifically, capitalist) culture. He further argues that people living in the periphery of the world capitalist economy have a critical vantage point on capitalism, and articulate their critiques of capitalism in terms of their own cultural idioms. He thus concludes that anthropologists should study peoples living on the periphery of the world capitalist economy as a way of gaining critical insight into the anthropologists’ own culture. In short, this polemic shifts the anthropologists’ object of study from that of other cultures to that of their own, and repositions the former objects of anthropological study (e.g. indigenous peoples) as valued critical thinkers.


the reading: michael-taussig-ayahuasca-and-shamanism

on accelerationism (?!?) etc for 11/18

Accelerationist manifesto:

on Object Oriented philosophy:

After Finitude:


read any two. come with three questions!

reading for 10/14

sorry this is so late!

we are taking the concept and practice of talking to people we don’t agree with, in particular leftists.

how to do it, why to do it, and when to do it.  and what the various formats that we operate within (ie communicating online, etc) allow for and discourage.

these are in chronological order, and refer to each other, so best to read them this way.