The month of January – Anti-Blackness

This month we are going to read and discuss the afro-pessimism/anti-blackness set of ideas… along with some other things but hopefully we will be keeping things topical to a anti-blackness vs whiteness/anti-racist theme.


Week 1 (January 6th): Frank Wilderson interview “we’re trying to destroy the world”. also… POTLUCK! @ 7pm
Week 2: the overview (first 40 pages) in Charles W Mills – The Racial Contract
Week 3: Open to thoughts but perhaps the article from Black Seed 2?
here is the complete reading of the undying appeal of white nationalism for week 3.
Week 4: What are you really? Mills_CharlesW – Whatareyoureally


One thought on “The month of January – Anti-Blackness

  1. Gwiz I literally am spellbound
    A (white) group Wilderson
    I would have really have liked to have been there to see how to think through what he refers to as “irreconcilable differences”.
    Many thanks for sharing

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