reading for 7.17.18

the broken teapot (three articles and an intro).

1. how does this apply to your life? does it, or will it, affect what you do and think? how? or why not?
2. how is the context similar to yours and how is it different? (what do you know about the context?)
3. what do you agree with and what do you disagree with? why?
4. who is someone you know who says things like this? what kinds of conversations have you had with that person (or people)? where have they been great, and where bogged down?
5. does the reading seems inconsistent in places? where and how?
6. what are the some consequences of the thinking or reasoning in the reading (if one extrapolates)?
7. who does the reading include, and who does it leave out?
8. if you had to fit this reading into an anarchist tendency, which would it be in? or if it spans different tendencies, which, and how?

One thought on “reading for 7.17.18

  1. another good question to add to this list is: are there any terms or words that you couldn’t explain to someone else? especially if it seems obvious (in this case i’m talking about “rape culture”, which i think i could define, but my definition probably differs from others’.

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