reading for 5/13

the reading for tonight is the klee/aragorn interview in the premier issue of Black Seed.
Many people already have copies, but if you are not one of these, then please pick up a copy before tuesday at the long haul.

questions to consider while reading:
1. in century of the self, adam curtis explored the retreat into individual solutions when people faced severe repression from the state in the 70s and 80s. how does a spiritual practice neither become marketable by being (too) public, nor a completely personal retreat by being (too)) private?

2. what is a way to be multi-generational that works for us (as primarily urban anarchists)? what does it mean that most anarchists who have children leave the scene (even if they continue to speak the words)? and is there a way to have children as anarchists that is not about relying on them to validate our choices? (audrey’s children being only one of a variety of sad options.)

3l one of the more interesting responses to being challenged around identity has been for white people to research and embrace their own indigenous history (every group has been indigenous somewhere). perhaps the main benefit of this has been to reject the guilt response. for some of us the line seems very fine between that and white power-esque tendencies…


by all means, if you have better, more, or different study questions – then post them!

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