reading for 10/3

mark bray on antifa. we’d rather read anarchists writing on antifa, but those will take longer to find, apparently. so for now, here’s a piece by bray, and here’s a review of his book from the new york times.
some questions are 1. what are the underlying premises of antifa (two mentioned already are a. no platform, and b. left unity. populism is also in there)… and 2. what are the foundations of today’s antifa (assuming it’s different from anti-fascist activity in previous decades). 3. the question of free speech (antifa is anti-free speech, which is a difference from most liberal, populist tendencies. how does that change an anarchist response to antifa, or does it?)…
the person who is writing this post thinks of antifa as not just antifascist action and belief, but as a body of organizing practices and principles. but that is probably worth questioning also. probably people’s experiences with this will vary.

and another link with an extensive debate on no-platforming as a demand (for those who have the time)…

perhaps next week (10/10) we will look into this article by noel ignatiev (significant for starting race traitor, an interesting take on fighting racist behavior and expectations by white people). this piece is about redneck revolt, among other things. worth talking about anyway.

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