reading 7/15

in the dust of the planet

the following is an excerpt (the entire piece is over 250 pages), we can decide to read more in future weeks if we want.

in-the-dust-of-this-planet excerpt

a working pdf link is coming. in the mean time, study questions…

As Agrippa notes, “they are called occult qualities, because their causes lie hid,
and man’s intellect cannot in any way reach, and find them out.”1

what kinds of questions make sense for us (“us” meaning post-left, non-Answer-seeking, context-sensitive, curious, explorational people), and what kinds don’t?

how does our searching/questioning betray us to our enemies?

oppressed people have developed hidden language, in which cognates are used to mask meaning from bosses, masters, coercers. what do we have that is like that? assuming anarchists are pro-transparency, how do we practice it within our current context?


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