for 1/25

january 25th we don’t have a reading, but will be talking about crime (people are encouraged to read something on their own and do a report back about it), and we may or may not watch a movie (or part of one?) about the angry brigade.

this topic is partly to prepare folks for discussions at our next theory conference,
when crime will be the theme.

One thought on “for 1/25

  1. Hey Berkley Friends.
    I am posting here in an attempt to reach out and create new alliances. Two dear friends and I have an organic farm in Southern Oregon ( that focuses on growing food for our community and for those involved in the greater struggle. We have a strong anarchist perspective and a history of creative resistance that goes back a decade. We are interested in the concept of the urban and rural interface of anarchism, anti-capitalism, and revolutionary practice that is mobilized and effective in setting goals and benchmarks and achieving those efficiently. We are also interested in hosting folks from the bay for potential collaboration and strength. We also have farmer positions available. Lets work together to further something strong and beautiful. Contact me, lets make it happen. Best, Mookie

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