activity for 10/23, reading for 10/30

In our ongoing experiment with different ways of using this reading group, next week we’ll be having a potluck and playing a game! Upon arriving we’ll each take a moment to write down a role, position, or persona (ideally one familiar to other anarchists) which will be randomly distributed amongst the group. Examples might include things like nihilist, syndicalist, activist, tankie, John Zerzan, or Guy Debord. We’ll then take turns acting out these positions in a playfully exaggerated manner and trying to guess who everybody is. We might also spend some time examining the different representations which get acted out and discussing our critiques of them or trying to tease out the assumptions and behaviors that make them tick. Think of it as study group charades. If this sounds kind of odd or confusing, it is intentionally so, as part of the idea is to experiment with making the rules up on the spot.

Please also bring some kind of food and/or drink to share —- vegan/veggie options are especially appreciated. Come ready to play and feast!

In two weeks (10/30) we’ll return to our reading of The Unique and Its Property, picking up where we left off with section 1.2.3 (“The Hierarchy”) and stopping at section 1.3. Remember Wolfi’s comments on the parodic intent of this section, as it is among the most controversial segments of the book when read at face value.

ALSO: As a supplement to our reading of Stirner over the next few months, some of us have endeavored to get together to recapture and elaborate on the discussions we have in the reading group by creating a sort of “audio companion” to the text; the idea being to record our conversations and provide a resource for those reading the text on their own. We will be doing these recordings in the days following our biweekly readings of the book and want the participants in them to change throughout to provide a variety of perspectives. If you’re interested in taking part, just say so at the reading group. You can listen to our first recorded conversation here:

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