reading for 6/15

the first two letters (yarostan and sofia)… from letters of insurgents.
check out the audio at

the best pdfs are at the anarchist library

and commentary at insurgent summer

reading for june 8

we’ll continuing the reading of intro to civil war, which had an extremely lively start last night… last night was a lot of explanation and questions, next week will perhaps be more about how this french theory/philosophy is relevant to what we’re doing or would like to be doing in our lives.
there was confusion about having the very limited ief pamphlet for some people, and the full book for other people, but confusion can be interesting.
food was good as always, special thanks to arielle for bringing so much yumminess.
we also got a mini report back from the bookfair at the very european city of montreal, where people really know their books.

june 1st

this is the first tuesday of the month, so potluck at 7pm (mostly vegan, preferably nut-free, and we have one person with a no-gluten or fermented foods diet too).
the potlucks are an opportunity to chat and check in, talk about personal stuff and get to know each other in a way that is different from when we’re talking anarchy.
come and eat even if you can’t bring food.

we will start reading excerpts from Intro to Civil War. if you have the book (vs the excerpts in the IEF pamphlet) then bring it tonight. the excerpts are slim pickings…
also, i somehow missed printing the final page. there’s not a whole lot of info on the last page, so i’ll bring it and we can read it on the day of. (people can also go to the ief pamphlet here and read it there, of course.)

future readings

may 25, we’ll be reading the chapter cindy brought in from Anarchism and the City .
the chapter is called “mapping the working class city” and she takes no responsibility for how good or bad it is.
then for two weeks we’ll be reading “introduction to civil war” by tiqqun (imposed pdf here
and then
we are going to start on june 15 reading letters of insurgents as part of the insurgent summer ( project, and we’ll see how working on other people’s schedule works for us. (a lot of reading per week, for some dense text.)

reading for 5.18

“the road to nihilism” brought in by arielle, written by fumiko kaneko (1903-1926), a japanese anarchist and nihilist arrested for conspiring against the emperor.

the road to nihilism

future readings being considered are (not in any order at all)

a) the civil war, by tikkun
b) the revolution of everyday life
c) a chapter from Anarchism and the City (on barcelona from 1898-1937)
d) letters of insurgents (at least some of it, to be part of the insurgent summer project)

may 11

we’ll be reading the play by dario fo, the accidental death of an anarchist, provided by audrey.
we’ll be reading aloud this farce addressing the death of an italian anarchist at a police station.

may 3rd – potluck!

the first tuesday of every month we have a potluck at 7pm.

at 8 we’ll be discussing an article by gary shapiro, “Assassins and Crusaders: Nietzsche After 9/11” from the book, Nietzsche at the Margins (which is about aspects of nietzsche’s writings that people pay less or no attention to).
there are more copies at the long haul.

we’re working on more consistent updating and comment responding on this site, so…

plans for 3/22 and 3/29

3/22 we will be reading aloud from an excerpt from kafka, the title of which escapes me at the moment “before the law”. link brought to us by absent friend will –
and for 3/29 we’ll be reading excerpts from A Pattern Language, on building and organizing space(s). it would be great if people think about and bring in supplemental material for this reading, because it’s pretty concrete – so we’ll have to provide our own theory…

reading for 2/23/10

james scott’s chapter 6.5

2010 BASTARD conference callout!

The 11th Annual BASTARD Conference – Submit workshop proposals now!

This is the eleventh year of the always popular, engaging, and informative Berkeley Anarchist
Students of Theory And Research& Development conference.
Every year we try to break up the monotony of the the workshop format by putting a twist into 8 hours of speeches and workshops.
Our latest attempt at this are the Open Space Threads (OST), a way to bring anarchist theorizing away from the people at the front of the room and back into the room itself.
This is the third year where the OST will be part of the BASTARD conference.
We believe anarchist theory should be transparent, ecstatic, and informed.

Every year BASTARD presenters have fascinating things to say but up til now we have not shared these things with non-attendees. So this year we are asking presenters if they are willing to have their presentations recorded (in audio). Our hope is to collect and freely share these presentations. We also hope to start work on a publication of the results of these recordings later in the year (perhaps as a pamphlet, since this year’s topics are especially exciting).

This year’s theme – developing an anarchist theory of everything

Track 1: Capitalism
Our lives are dominated by exchange relationships and when we finally wake up and attempt to understand this phenomena the only tools that are available are from Marxists. For many, this is enough. For us, it is not. We hope to explore this and perhaps begin to talk about where an anarchist theory of capitalism would begin.

Track 2: Space

If radicals in the twentieth century were captivated by the strategy of organizing in the workplace it isn’t outrageous to believe the 21st century will be equally focused on location. We will fight where we stand and there is a lot to develop if we are going to do it right.

Track 3: Identity

Threaded through any work we do are questions about who we are. These are existential and
semiotic. Questions forged in violence and structures of control, history and experience. An
anarchist theory of identity requires an understanding of these things and more. We hope
for experienced, sophisticated approaches on the issue.

Come join us at UC Berkeley on March 14th and begin a collaboration on anarchist theory. As always, we do also accept workshops on @ theory that are outside the theme.

***Comedy after lunch or at the end of the day***

workshop proposals should get sent to

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