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reading for 12.26.17

a joinder and rejoinder on fascism: both from anews. there’s a reiteration of burley’s points in this, so if you can find anything interesting in that, feel free to bring it up.

readings for 12.19

two pieces from dark mountain #2
consensus and other realities
coming to our animal senses (talk with david abram)

for 12.12.17

for a more up-to-date and fast paced peek at adam curtis’s thinking (also to laugh at the interaction between curtis and brand, which just get better up to the end), here is a podcast episode. take notes, as we will have nothing to refer to otherwise!

tuesday 12. 5

we’ll be watching an episode of an adam curtis documentary (probably one of the episodes from century of the self). he’s done a ton of series, and i encourage folks to watch many. they’re pretty dense, and funny (brit humor), and not anarchist at all, but provocative for us. Even if we’ve already figured some of his points out, his spin is interesting.
(some of his series: century of the self, power of nightmares, the trap, all watched over by machines of loving grace, bitter lake, and hypernormalisation. most are available on youtube.)

reading for 11.28.17

daniel doesn’t think we’ll like this, so we must read and enjoy tearing it to pieces? or… not?

rreading 11.21.17

not sure if it is supposed to be the first article or the second, but neither is very long. and both are good.

potential reading for 11.14?

thanks to daniel’s search-fu, here is the vampire squid reading cosmo was extolling. this reading was originally introduced to me by a previous study group philosophy-head, sam, who was ahead of his time.

timing is everything

there were two readings discussed last night. the first link that got to me is this one on musical improv and anarchist organization (it’s also shorter to read), so it’s for next week.

i will post the link to vampire squids here too if/when i get it, so that people can get a head start on reading it if they want to.

continuing identity talks/reading for 10.31 (halloween!)

we’ll be reading preliminary notes on modes of reproduction, a piece from Baedan #1, among other worthy publications (that are harder to find).
and we’re on the search for good anarcha-feminist writings on issues with identity, so if you have thoughts on this, hook us up.

reading for 10/24

this week we’re reading no selves to abolish, published in hostis 2, and the proposal for next week is to read an as yet undetermined article by wilderson. if you have suggestions for wilderson, you can comment here (helpful if it’s available online). (the group has already read a couple of interviews with him, so maybe something new?)

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