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Readings for January 22nd

This week we are reading Bob Black’s Debunking Democracy and the anonymously penned The Characteristics of the Occupation (Barcelona).

reading for Jan. 8th

This week we are reading and essay called How to Read Zizek by Adam Kotsko.

Jan. 1 is POTLUCK!!!!

Hello all,
We will be reading 2 works of fiction. At least one of them is by Frank Herbert.
It is also be having our potluck at 7pm. Please consider bringing real food. Too many sweets will ruin us.

happenings for 12/18/12

this week the reading group is taking a field trip to city lights in san francisco, to hear karen avrich (paul avrich’s daughter) speak on his posthumous book on alexander berkman and emma goldman.
the event starts at 7, people are meeting at the long haul at 6 for those who need, and those who can provide, rides to meet up with each other.

Reading for Dec. 11th

We will be continuing the discussion of Michel Foucault and On the Genealogy of Ethics from last week (see previous post for download). We will also be discussing the introduction to Nietzsche’s On the Genealogy of Morality. For those wonky enough to care, this is from the hackett press translation. The full book is on zinelibrary if you want to keep reading Nietzsche. And you should!

Reading for Dec. 4th (POTLUCK!!!)

Come at 7 to revel and bring tasty treats to share with friends for it is the week of potluck!
At 8 we will be discussing an interview with Michel Foucault titled On the Genealogy of Ethics.

readings for Nov. 20

We are continuing this months series of readings in preparation for the discussions at the upcoming bookfair. This weeks themed reading focus on CRISIS!!!!. We will be reading a short essay by Paul Mattick called What Is to Be Done?.

readings for november 13th

We are continuing this months series of readings in preparation for the discussions at the upcoming bookfair. This weeks themed reading focus on The Event.

Readings for Nov. 6th

POTLUCK! Come, bring food, bring yourselves and experience a night of decadence and debauchery.

This month focuses on a series of readings that will prepare us for the discussions taking place at the upcoming @ book fair. We will peruse these readings and find the sections most pertinent for a provocative discussion of PLEASURE!
The Right To Be Greedy: Theses On The Practical Necessity Of Demanding Everything by For Ourselves
The Book Of Pleasures by Raoul Vaneigem
To Destroy Sexuality by Guy Hocquenghem

reading for 10/16 woo hoo!

this is one of the articles from the new journal Baedan (a journal of queer nihilism). the entire journal is worth reading, but we can at least start with this piece and see what happens.

identity in crisis

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