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reading for 9/29

on the wandering of humanity,

more camatte!

reading for tomorrow

more camatte!


against domestication

reading for 9/15

ok – we’re going with Camatte (providing silly people the opportunity to intentionally mispronounce the french, apparently).


while the most obvious articles for modern anarchists are the wandering of humanity and against domestication–both available at– in the interest of the conversations about celebrity and art in our last meeting, i’m suggesting

beaubourg: future cancer as the reading for this week.

reading for 9/8

this week we’re reading ten theses on the proliferation of egocrats, and finding things we disagree with fredy about! frequently a challenging game in the case of perlman, but maybe not in this case? see if you can find one per theses!

reading for 9/1/15

there was a suggestion by stephanie that we read the interview of godfrey reggio interview from unciv (out of Green Anarchy magazine).  so here it is!

from wikipedia: Reggio is most known for his Qatsi trilogy, which includes the films Koyaanisqatsi (life out of balance), Powaqqatsi (life in transformation), and Naqoyqatsi (life as war). All of the film titles are taken from the Hopi language. In 1995 he directed the short feature entitled Evidence that featured, like the Qatsi Trilogy, a soundtrack composed by his friend Philip Glass. Also, he has directed a documentary Anima Mundi. Reggio spent fourteen years in fasting, times of silence, and prayer, training to be a monk within the Congregation of Christian Brothers, a Roman Catholic pontifical order, before abandoning that path and making the films.


reading for 7/21

the third week of lew’s stream of consciousness presentation style, involving myth, religion, millenarianism, cross-cultural anecdotes, etc.

the reading for this time (hard copy is available at the long haul in the study group mail box: ask a staffer if you don’t know where that is) is the preface from The Secret Life of Puppets, by Victoria Nelson. (link is to a review of the book, not the preface. be not confused!)

oops for tonight 7/7/15

we’re doing a month of lew’s readings, which will be available at the long haul in the reading group mailbox (you can ask a staffer if you don’t know where that is).
the first week we’ll be reading aloud from the reading, so no preparation is required.
names of future readings will be forthcoming.

also, this week is POTLUCK! woo hoo?

reading for 5/5

potluck! (7-8pm)

we’re going back to an oldie this week – wolfi landstreicher’s From Politics to Life.

based to some extent on our conversation last week about morality and universal principles.

the preferred article was a column by wolfi in anarchy magazine, discussing the non existence of society, but that one is not online. 🙁 perhaps one of us will bring it and we can read it in the group.

reading (etc) for 4/28

this is the amusing and infamous follow-up-to-the-BASTARD session, during which we read questionnaires, laugh at the foibles of the weekend, relax from the organizing, and read something appropriately light weight.
in this case, it will be william gillis’ recent piece
Anarchy is a Scale-Independent Proposition


Reading for March 31st 2015

This evening we are reading an unpublished article by Uri Gordon that was presented at the 2015 NAASN conference. One of the study group was so excited by the piece that they stomped and cried until we begged Uri for the text. He dutifully responded.


We will be reading “Prefigurative Politics and Anarchism” by Uri Gordon which will be available in hard copy on Tuesday.



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