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readings for 7/16 (so far in advance!)

photocopies are at the long haul. we should remember to get them on tuesday.

reading for 7/2

presentation by aaron on anti-state communism in the 20th century.

come and learn about what your friends are likely to be into in two years.
here is the reading from endnotes, which he’d like us to read as prep. woo hoo!

also, potluck!

6/4 and beyond

last time we brainstormed on future readings. it was a bit muddled at the end, but i think we left it that we will be reading stuff on isabelle eberhardt for this coming week, and something of crowley’s for the second week in june.
in the direction of eberhardt,

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Nomad is an enthusiastic rendition of her life (this will be made more interesting by questions that are raised in the following link)

here is an academic paper (a review of a review of a play about her life! couldn’t get more academic than that!), that seems interesting to me so far.

here is an article by eberhardt…

and for more of a sense of what was happening when eberhardt was alive, here is an interview with an anthropologist about her and her time…

(one of the things that comes up for me while reading about eberhardt is the question of how we will/want to be remembered after we’re dead, how frequently a person’s anarchy is disappeared once they’re not around.



readings for 5/21

readings on post-left anarchy…


leftist millstone

and if you just can’t get enough…
 leaving the left behind

reading for 5/14

we’re reading the intro by mcquin for stirner’s critics.

intro to stirner’s critics

reading for 5/7


the poverty of feminism

happenings for 12/18/12

this week the reading group is taking a field trip to city lights in san francisco, to hear karen avrich (paul avrich’s daughter) speak on his posthumous book on alexander berkman and emma goldman.
the event starts at 7, people are meeting at the long haul at 6 for those who need, and those who can provide, rides to meet up with each other.

reading for 10/16 woo hoo!

this is one of the articles from the new journal Baedan (a journal of queer nihilism). the entire journal is worth reading, but we can at least start with this piece and see what happens.

identity in crisis

10/2 reading

also – potluck! come at 7pm for food and conversation.

readings are

september 25

the proposal is that we watch 12 angry men and then talk about jury duty. it is 90 minutes, which won’t give us much time to talk, but maybe people will stay late? or we can talk about it more the following week.
then the week after that science will be the topic.
links will be upcoming.

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