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The reading for Sept 4th 2018

Enjoy Genesis by Serres. Read the first 30 pages…


[Studies in Literature and Science] Michel Serres, Genevieve James, James Nielson – Genesis (1995, University of Michigan Press)

note that there is now a page with on-going questions to consider while reading (tabbed)

August 14th 2018

Two articles by Donna Haraway, on making kin and tentacular thinking. Read either or both, as they overlap.

June 19th – The Catechism of the Revolutionary

Bakunin. Necheav. If this is one of the three most foundational texts of anarchism, why? Why not?

Reading for June 12th

We are reading two pieces from the John Moore collection from Ardent Press. The first is the introduction to the book (written by A!). The second is the entry Lived Poetry.



Reading for April 24th: la ZAD

1) Baseline: Crimethinc on the history of ZAD

2) Critique of collectivist tendencies in ZAD

3) Summary of what has transpired since April 9th

A memorial for Paul Z Simons

If you are in the bay area, this week we are dedicating our evening to the memory of Paul Z Simons (aka PZS, el errante). We are meeting at 7pm to share a potluck style meal and stories of our all-too-brief time with Paul. We will read several of his essays from Black Eye (80s-90s era post-situationist zine from NYC).

Seven Theses On Play
How to Think Like a Jacobin

September 6th 2016 – Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Epic poem for the win!


Readings for August 23rd – CORRECTION

there was a scheduling mix up, and Paul Z. Simons will be here tonight, 8/3, to talk about his recent adventures in Brazil and France.

There might also be some reporting back about the seattle bookfair and a presentation on fascism in Portland that is getting a lot of heat.




perhaps the final installment of the SI readings will be next week, or maybe we’ll move on, depending on people’s input.

After reading the SI (SotS) and discussing the relevance of the SI it’s now time to hear the critique of them by their contemporaries. In that vein we will read two essays.



March 15th – No Selves to Abolish: Afropessimism, Anti-politics, and the End of the World

From Mute


Four weeks on the Situationist Internationale

Week 1 – Cities: January 26th
Unitary Urbanism
Formulary for a New Urbanism
Another City for Another Life

some preparatory questions:

these readings are pro-urban, with a lot of passionate thinking about how cities constrain and also liberate people (or at least have a lot of power to liberate people, if some major things changed). here on the west coast, that is a fairly unusual take these days. mostly people talk about cities being bad places, to raise children, to get away from capitalism and/or the state (ha), to have better kinds of relationships, etc.

what does it look like to take a modern positive view of urban life? how do we think cities could change to be liberatory spaces? what impact would flexible and mobile housing have on cityscapes and our imaginations?
Week 2 – activism: February 2nd
On the Poverty
Critique of the new left
Week 3 – spectacular reality: February 9th
Bad Days
Basic Banalities
All the Kings Men
Week 4 – desire: February 16th
New Forms
Perspectives for Conscious Changes in Everyday Life
Instructions for an Insurrection
Response to a Questionnaire from the Center for Socio-Experimental Art

All readings are from the SI anthology

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