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Reading for 5/29

We are going to continue reading Black Seed for next week. This time we have pre-selected the readings and require by punishment of shame for you to read them ahead of time. We have selected Ramon Elani’s The Leopard’s Grammar (p20) and coolsquid’s The Enemy, Life Itself (p6).

In case you want to have some of the context of last week’s discussion, we read D/G’s Phagein (p14) and Aragorn!!’s Without Words (p30). The discussion included topics of morality, feelings, William Blake, egoism, science, nazis, and sacrificing models.

reading for 5/22

we’ll be reading something from the brand new issue of black seed (#6), to be determined on the night of… copies available at the long haul tomorrow night.

reading for 5/15

guillaume visited and spoke last week, and that was very nice. this week we’re reading the newly translated pamphlet by him and some other folks, called the manifesto of the happily unemployed. they were handed out last week, and are not yet online. the conversation will probably be about work, cultural expectations, social credibility, interventions in all of those things, how to intervene, what it looks like when the culture adapts to past interventions (think hipsters), etc.

reading for 5.8.18

first chapter of demotivational training…

reading for today 5.1! eek!

so late, sorry folks.
on the poverty of student life

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