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reading for 5/5

potluck! (7-8pm)

we’re going back to an oldie this week – wolfi landstreicher’s From Politics to Life.

based to some extent on our conversation last week about morality and universal principles.

the preferred article was a column by wolfi in anarchy magazine, discussing the non existence of society, but that one is not online. 🙁 perhaps one of us will bring it and we can read it in the group.

reading (etc) for 4/28

this is the amusing and infamous follow-up-to-the-BASTARD session, during which we read questionnaires, laugh at the foibles of the weekend, relax from the organizing, and read something appropriately light weight.
in this case, it will be william gillis’ recent piece
Anarchy is a Scale-Independent Proposition


The reading for 4/14 and 4/21 – bolo’bolo

For the next two weeks we will be reading the classic counter cultural text – bolo’bolo


Week 1 (4/14) – Through page 33 (ending at asa’pili)

Week 2 (4/21) – Through the end


bolo’bolo PDF


reading for 4.7.15

the day before the revolution


sorry this is late!


also, POTLUCK! 7pm

and probably also there will be further abuse of those who haven’t gotten me their BASTARD workshop proposals. 🙂

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